Big Rottweiler bonding with Baby. CUTE |65

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Bruno bonds with Olivia. For the first few months, Bruno has been just present with Olivia, We didn’t force him to get closer to him or put her closer to him. Just slowly worked their way together. So far so good! 🙂


Yotuber Pakistani says:

All fun and games until it bites its head off.. its a fuckin animal u fucktards

Dominik Gorowski says:

Can I borrow Bruno to babysit my kids too?

Дёня K. says:

Почеши собаку))

Softball Mom says:

We had a rottie named Nikki and she was the absolute BEST dog when our girls were little. She helped our oldest learn how to walk by letting her pullup on her and hang onto her scruff. And oh how she loved licking little baby toes and stealing their socks. We miss you sweet girl!!!

Glamorous Taee says:

So adorable!

Bruce Wayne says:

Idk how i ended up here. Im high af

romeo Marks says:

He’s the best baby seater

Ana Beatriz says:

Where is his tail.

aaksola says:

I hope you know that having a dog with a docked tail is very unethical. Be sure to demand undocked one in a future.

Aksh Son says:

Bruno was on his back for a good few seconds near the beginning. He must love the new baby

Fearless Warrior says:

🙏 they are to good I miss my best friend my everything is my Rottweiler🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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