big head rottweilers

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check them out


JHAGOR says:

Wanna see big headed Rottweilers? Check out Von Ruelmann Rottweilers. Now that's what you call A big head Rottweiler.

toto wolf says:

Lolol they all have the same expressions

Steve Goldstine says:

My rottweiler was 140 lbs !!

TheDogStories says:

That is not big head i saw them with much bigger heads.Just normal rottie head.They are nice an good looking must admit.

mot ba coma says:

Things like this help make Youtube wonderful. Normally it takes up a lot of my work day.

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Corey Kirby says:

Wow great looking Rotts

TheMattd546 says:

how come there face and eyes looks nothing like my rottie and all the rotties I've owned? is it full blooded? I have the German Block Head Rottweiler. what's this breed. still beautiful. but I notice the eyes are slanted and big and there foreheads are bigger then all of my rotties. j/w

carnypimp says:

Kindertal they look like a puppy mill, but really do have great Rottweiler's.

Storm Cochran says:

I'm looking for some genuine Rottweiler breeders. With real German Rottweilers. Does anybody know of one? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

MegaBravo1983 says:

these look just like me to boys

Stunr99 says:

My friend had a rott that was 165lbs andvran miles every day. That dog whipped every dogs ass it came across because he thought he was protecting us.

fawk yuw says:

i miss my dog Rex so much.. the most beautiful Rotwieler in the area, for a odd reason he was mainly noticed for hes head because it was huge.. people thought he was cross with a Pitt lol but he was a full breed.. RIP Rex

winrx says:

That first pooch there is the prettiest Rottie on YT……

rtodahl01 says:

Rotties are the best

Dutch MotoMan says:

Best dog breed around. Strong, fierce, loyal, protective and very intelligent.

One day I will get myself one, when I live in a big enough house, and have a more stabile life with my fiance. A 4 room appartement wont do for any big dog breed.

Alas, it will be a few years before we can afford something bigger.

Adrian3035lol says:

wow They are really come not like some terriers around lol

crawfordendia1 says:


Sketch says:

@crawfordendia1 You're a fucking idiot.

crawfordendia1 says:

@pulpfiction2122 are you f*cking the dog??? i'm just saying,DAMN…ROTFLMAO..@ YOU! getting so mad over a comment?!? I mean who's the stupid "prick"..and by the way what is a "prick"…i would have said Dick like you are supposed to if you wanna piss someone off…Retard..duhrrnph…ROTFLMAO!!…don't post if you can't handle other people's opinion…smoochies…:)

krayzeejojo says:

Excellent dogs. Just their stance shows that their ready for anything.

YoshiShell says:

@JOHNNYSschool So you expect him to give you some of his hard earned money? Get a fucking job.

King_Of_Gods999 says:

i love rotweilers never had one but your dog is beautuful.

samantha saleh says:

theyre so handsome!!!!!!!!

Sophie_Lou92 says:

They're gawjus 🙂

miffler magoot says:

awesome looking looking dogs, my rottie is 60kg and has a simliar look only larger

HENRY1296 says:

@Gnarkill9095 yh sure thats because these dogs r not to be given to any one u have to train him and socalize him
there the best dogs in the world
made to guard ur hose he has one hell of a bite and hes tactical awareness is unbelivable

Sketch says:

@crawfordendia1 STFU you ignorant prick. i have one and when my 6 year old sister comes to visit shes able to walk him around alone with no issues. dont believe me, please reply to this i have plenty of pictures of the two of them. they're anything but satAns pet unless they're raised by some douchebag owner who doesnt treat them right.

also, does anyone here know how old these two are and/or how much they weigh? my boys 11 months and 110! he comes from a 150lb dad and 120lb momma.

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