Are Rottweilers good with kids? |09

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Watch Bruno as he obeys for scraps of meat. Make sure to watch completely.
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Camera Used: Sony Rx-100 m2


Mikael L says:

Too bad almost half of rotts/gsds/dobbies/bullies are being trained by people who should never be in that position. You've got a very well trained big boy, best of luck & take care!

a reyes says:

I feel the same way my gsd is big so I watch out to make sure he doesn't knock the kids over

Case Burnett,Just in Case says:

Most are, but it’s mainly how you treat them

Spin says:

Beautiful, well-trained rott!

Virginia Saben says:

Rottweilers are so awesome!My old Rottweiler was so good to everyone

rockridgefarms says:

Wow! What a cute pair, 2 rottie babies myself

Eboney Carter says:

What a beautiful Rottie! I’m in love already ❤️

K Family says:

Rotts are loyal dogs, very protective, just the best

BenderRodriguez10 says:

A well-trained Rott is a kid's best friend.

Rupakk53 says:

Love you 😘😘😘😘😘 rottweiler 🐕 my rottweiler dog name rocky

Annette Testa says:

Rottys so good with kids!! 😀

gekkie hond says:

I don't understand why people think all Rottweilers are agressive. Bruno is so sweet. My poodle is more agressive than he is

Mario G says:

He's so cute! Such a nice Rott

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