Are Rottweilers Dangerous Dogs? WATCH This To Find Out!

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Are Rottweilers dangerous dogs? The Rottweiler is a rather large and powerful dog, descended from Roman military dogs and developed in Germany.. Is the Rottweiler right for you? WATCH this to Find Out.

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Video credits:
00:08 directorsulo – Rottweiler Protecting Budgie –
00:56 melaniemaki4 – Rottweiler vs siamese part 6
01:38 Evelin Farkas – Rottweiler puppy at playground _D –
02:08 Evelin Farkas – Rottweiler jumps over fence –
02:38 Evelin Farkas – Lazy rottweiler puppy –
02:59 LifeIsJust21 – Rottweiler face flop — SO CUTE!!! –
03:13 melaniemaki4 – Rottweiler vs tennis ball
03:41 melaniemaki4 – Meat and a milk jug
04;12 melaniemaki4 – Rott vs toy
04:27 melaniemaki4 – Rottweiler vs pig
04:55 Evelin Farkas – Agressive rottweiler bites human –
05:28 melaniemaki4 – Angry rott…..bed is stolen
06:02 LifeIsJust21 – Rottweiler making the bed –
06:40 Austin Hooper – Lazy Rottweiler sneeze –
06:53 Evelin Farkas – Clever Rottweiler _) –
07:10 LifeIsJust21 – Awesome rottweiler tricks!! –
09:28 LifeIsJust21 – My rottweiler is obnoxious!! –

Are Rottweilers Dangerous Dogs? WATCH This To Find Out! –


Trinity Jaimes says:

Dont let your dog chew on plastic ❗️ and that means water bottle and milk jugs I found that out the hard way. My blue nose loved chewing on my cats plastic toy and died from the plastic stuck in his intestines 😢 we tries giving him medicine and everything possible to get him to use the bathroom alot but it was very watery and nothing was coming out it was all blocked and he threw up 24/7. An emergency money program for dog surgeries granted him a surgery and found plastic bits. He died because he was too young to bare so many stitches. I would never forgive myself, I watched him chew on the plastic toy alot but had no idea I guess I just thought he was only chewing and not swallowing

Gal Chocolate says:

6:02 Hellooooo

Admiral Sneider says:

Rottweilers are soooo cute😊

Admiral Sneider says:

If they have good "education" , they're not dangerous at all!

chris boyd says:

Any Breed of Animal is like any Vehicle it Performs as well as it's treated it all depends on the way you treat IT…

DanielDS11 says:

If thought by their parents they are not… i have 2 of them living the live with another stray dog that one day just wondered into my street and decided he wanted to live with us😅… they didnt even know him… but they still accepted him none the less… and theyre always playing around 😊

kellyd197 says:

i have a Rottweiler and he is nice

Hvdv Ascended says:

the rottweilers ive seen tru the years wherent nice dogs! and i know its all about the owner, but a bad owner with this powerfull dog is very dangerous!
Its a dominant breed period, I have a male Old enlisch bulldog and is very sweet and helped me of fear of big dogs! mainly caused by rottweilers

mike kirkham says:

Any dog could be dangerous. It is all in how you raise these majestic animals. Mine weighed 172 lbs and could have been a terror. But he was a big teddy bear. Loved his family and affectionate as hell.

trot says:

whoever made this video clearly has never owned a rottweiler. They are nearly ALL vicious will only brief breaks of cuteness, you MUST keep the caged at all times, just the nature of the breed!!

Christian Schulte says:

So an awesome Rottweiler on the 7:50 very adorable 🙂


Ok so now they accusing. Rottwelers of being dangerous get tf outta here.

Yah dumb

Melissa Garrison says:

Are they like normal dogd

Melissa Garrison says:

He loves the bird 😀☺

Yaq says:

intro song pls

Therese Connolly says:

My son had a Rotty 'Bear-Bear' biggest ham ever , slept with him (my son) even tho BB was twice his size , loved watching Cops on tv , showed his pearly whites to the bad guys with his itsy-bitsy tail wagging like a propeller lol , loved him , miss him !

Jesse Wentworth says:

I love their growl. It's so primal for a dog.

Joy LaCrosse says:

i think toy dogs are more vicious so are standard poodles and pitties/ know this cause i run and have doggies with me and at dog park

Joy LaCrosse says:

huge babies have had 3 females 2 currently sweet beautiful intelligent kind and athletic companions are hams and love ladies and kiddies especially and kitty cats

junbug1029 says:

We've had 3 rescue Rotties and they have been the sweetest and most gentle dogs. We're baffled why they were rescues but so grateful that they were part of our pact. We have a few Piggies ourselves.

Sepeatom Alamooti says:

i’m looking to get a rottweiler and have been searching everywhere! does anyone know where i can get a good breeder in california near san francisco?

Animus Miles-Militis says:

My Rottweiler has a tail as he will not be pulling a cart anytime soon.

Jason Wharton says:

Hey people, just to pass on some useful information, do not give a dog a toy and then yell at him for chewing it. That is what toys are for. If you were dog does eatThe toys, you need to buy him different toys that he cannot eat.

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