Are Rottweilers Dangerous Dogs? WATCH This To Find Out!

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Are Rottweilers dangerous dogs? The Rottweiler is a rather large and powerful dog, descended from Roman military dogs and developed in Germany.. Is the Rottweiler right for you? WATCH this to Find Out.

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Video credits:
00:08 directorsulo – Rottweiler Protecting Budgie –
00:56 melaniemaki4 – Rottweiler vs siamese part 6
01:38 Evelin Farkas – Rottweiler puppy at playground _D –
02:08 Evelin Farkas – Rottweiler jumps over fence –
02:38 Evelin Farkas – Lazy rottweiler puppy –
02:59 LifeIsJust21 – Rottweiler face flop — SO CUTE!!! –
03:13 melaniemaki4 – Rottweiler vs tennis ball
03:41 melaniemaki4 – Meat and a milk jug
04;12 melaniemaki4 – Rott vs toy
04:27 melaniemaki4 – Rottweiler vs pig
04:55 Evelin Farkas – Agressive rottweiler bites human –
05:28 melaniemaki4 – Angry rott…..bed is stolen
06:02 LifeIsJust21 – Rottweiler making the bed –
06:40 Austin Hooper – Lazy Rottweiler sneeze –
06:53 Evelin Farkas – Clever Rottweiler _) –
07:10 LifeIsJust21 – Awesome rottweiler tricks!! –
09:28 LifeIsJust21 – My rottweiler is obnoxious!! –

Are Rottweilers Dangerous Dogs? WATCH This To Find Out! –


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