Angry Rottweiler 2

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My dog trying to impress me by acting tough. Otherwise she’s extremely kind [Rottweiler]
This is a other video showing the good side of her.


Vedant karde says:

Why he is showing aggression?? I mean what is the exact reason?

Cole Strong says:

Sounds like me wehn the teacher gives extra homework

King NeroPelagius says:

That rottweiler is adorable even looking angry is so freaking cute!!!!

Amarri Batti says:

That dog is gonna eat u alive

Saddle Bags says:

My rotty behaved the same way with me, until I left it alone and the thing attacked my brother…that's when I took it behind the shed.

Иван Илиев says:

I think he feels satisfaction and it's just a bit playful.

Andrew Bills says:

I wouldnt say the dog is aggressive but the licking of the lips shows anxiety. He may snap and bite you only because he is nervous.

mc shira m.o.s.s says:

what a rotty!!!!
pure shit muthafucker!!!

El HEISENBERGA nomas says:

One word respect

Otro Tipo De La Internet :v says:

0:59 😂

Nacer says:

My nightmare is to meet one dog like this in the street !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tua_maezinha_gameplays_ bra says:

Kkkk o ser humano é foda eu tenho um cachorro dessa mesma raça e ele faz a mesma coisa,porém ele faz isso só se pegar e meio q levantar as mãos em forma de aranha na cara dele se observar o video ele fica colocando a cara de um lado para o outro seguindo a direção da mão de que esteja fazendo o sinal com as mãos

Rayeen SkyLine says:

Lol he is fearless

Sam Fisher says:

She’s so….


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