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Loren Chiever has been living with Rottwielers for the past thirty two years. Loren and his family love their Rotties, living with the pet dogs as an extension of the family. Over the years Loren has competed in every thing from Tracking, IPO, and confirmation sports. Owning such a big and powerful breed as you enter into you latter years may be daunting for some but Loren fully embraces the challenge. His loving pack of Rottweilers from America, Germany, and Serbia makes sure the love they give makes it worth his wild.


avi007bondster says:

you can tell he's a dog lover… because for dog lovers it's always Dog first ..

Martin O'Reilly says:

Very informative

Conner Stern says:

you need to be smart with the of power your domesticating

Conner Stern says:

its bad owners that give this breed a bad name

Conner Stern says:

respect. its a weapon technically. i love responsible owners

Malikah Divine says:

Who gets that as a first dog

Malikah Divine says:

A rotti is not a first dog

Terror Bear says:

No they weren't. This guys facts are wrong. I don't care how many he's had. The Rottweiler was a butcher's dog, that herd cattle. It was never a protection dog. The dog used to carry the butcher's money in a wallet around his neck.

Jonny Boom says:

I had a rottie. He was the best dog you could own. He loved ppl and sticks. He was healthy one minute and died the next. It broke my heart but I hope one day to perhaps rescue another.

Simon Jesuit says:

I TOTALLY agree with everything you said! I have 3 German Shepherds, 2 females one of which pulled me down causing me to have a broken shoulder. My other female, a puppy (who was fighting with the older female) bit me! It was an accident, I know. My large male hasn't ever caused me any injuries. They don't chew furniture or clothes, but they can knock things off tables with those bushy tails and they do. My boy has been housebroken since 11 months old and un-crated ever since. The females fight, so they are always crated at night and when I'm away. I can leave the boy out with either of the girls, but when one is in season they distract him from guarding, so they are always crated. I feel very fortunate to have my boy who has always had the 'cop gene' which is very strong in his family (the younger female has it too) and happy not to have chewed wiring, clothes or furniture. I did have a friend whose German Shepherd ate a couch!

Simone LOVE says:

Great video. I believe anyone who has a powerful breed and has issues with caring for them should be forced to get a license. So many idiots have big dogs for status but don’t know jack about keeping the dogs safe or other ppl safe. I want a rottie in the future.

Martin Reilly says:

A lot of helpful information, thank you. I love the idea of a Rottweiler, but there’s a lot to consider.

Dijana K says:

Im getting my Rott puppy in July, I cannot wait ♥️

Ariane Wyatt says:

Very informational – thank you!

fdask2007 says:

nice lookin rotties! also love this guy putting so much emphasis on responsible ownership… wish all owners were like him!

Dimitry Ttt says:

He is def a good dog owner!

Mithun Raj says:

Last 30 Seconds, True story. Thanks for the video, I do own a rotty, best dog ever, understanding and caring. Thank you.

sumit katyal says:

Can they be left alone?

OfManyNations Bizzy says:

RottieXgsd my boy is big and friendly to whom ever I'm friendly with, he's protective of my children especially my daughter who's the baby of the family, "teddybear" is part of our family and has got myself through a horrible bout of depression. Fantasic companion and as you say pest at times, but the sweetest pest, I've have taken many tumbles over my boy which leaves me in fits of giggles rather than cross with him…tbh he owes me I'm such a clumsy mummy stood on his tail and paw all accidentally of course doggy parents knows the guilt you feel now he returns it by stepping/sitting/sleeping on my toes 😂😅… love my 82.5lb rottieXgsd cross completed my home!! 3kids 1rottieXgsd and 4cats!! Loved your vid!!

Norsemen Danes says:

This old man is very intelligent on his breed

iiiUnicorn Frappuccino says:


Klugi schiet says:

Taking care that in case of emergency you can take all your dogs with you and not leaving them alone for making holydays shows for me: you are the one of the best and loviest dogowners in the world God bless You and your great country

DeX the Doberdo says:

My rottweiler lives in my apartment he is not destructive at all. He doesnt have the energy for that after our 15km run in the morning and 12km in the evening we hike every Saturday and all my dogs want to do after hiking is sleeping….
Exercise them more they will be less destructive

Red Skull says:

My rotty is 3 months old and she's already bigger than an average 3 month old

Warren Albuna says:

What's difference between the all black face and the one with color ?

runee1977 says:

This perfectly emphasizes how much responsibility goes into owning a Rottie. We've had one for 13 years and we had to make some accommodations to the house over the years, such as installing a taller fence. A wonderful breed though not for everyone.

ruthlessrog1 says:

"They can be a pest"… i cant pee without him headbutting the door open and checking out what im doing… he definitely is the food catcher when i cook… but he is the most lovable dog ever

Jim Bob says:

I got a 3ft fence backing a park full of kids and dogs. My dog just stays in the yard. lol

I give him big ass bones I buy from a butcher, he only chews on that.

He does however fucking destroy every toy I give him. Gotta love a rottie.

Ad Mac says:

Why do they do so much damage in your house? I have a Rottweiler and a Doberman and they don't do any damage at all. The Dobe steels food from the coffee table when no-one is watching, but Rottie doesn't and they don't do anything else inside. Digging outside and earring my garden crops, but that's not that bad, just had to put some barriers. They are powerful and stubborn and having a strong owner does help. These dogs are not for everyone. The Dobe is my rescue, was "returned" three times by different owners. I'm glad there are people who are responsible as this man.

Trippy Maan says:

Just subscribe cuz of this video

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