Rottweiler vs golden retriever!
Rottweiler VS Pitbull – Pit bull VS Rottweiler – Blondi Foks all information is correct.You can search on google. Help me to reach 50.000 Subscribe Rottweiler vs Pitbull – Who would win in a Fight? [More]
Une belle vidéo exemple d’amour et sagesse qu’on obtient avec des rotts, sur la vidéo La belle Rhaspodie et le jeune Balzac Rottweilers de Dream69! Son site:
Tyson: 110 lbs Rottweiler. Finished family protection. Guard dog. Great with kids! Tyson’s build, coloring and block head make up the perfect poster board definition of a Rottweiler. Tyson is a gentle giant with all [More]
Royce rottweiler de 11 ans amputé de la patte avant gauche suite à une tumeur.
Bem vindos novamente ao canal da Baw Waw! Hoje o Richard traz mais um Guia de Raças para vocês, e dessa vez é sobre o Rottweiler! Compartilhe com seus amigos!
Golden Retriever VS Rottweiler Which is Better? Dog vs Dog One is the fourth most popular dog breed in America and for good reason—they’re super-sweet, highly intelligent, naturally athletic, gentle with kids, and to top [More]
I hope this video helps you get prepared for your Rottweiler puppy 🙂 or maybe help you out with the puppy you have right now dont forget to subscribe !!!!!!! IG: BREEDER VIDEO : [More]

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