In this video I discuss why I chose the Rottweiler over the German Shepherd dog.
▾▾ROTTWEILERS ARE GREAT PERSONAL PROTECTORS▾▾ Stay Tuned ➤ WANT TO SEE YOUR POWERFUL DOG IN OUR VIDEOS? Send your clips or links to: ➤ ★ Special thanks to owners of this Rottweilers!!! Thanks [More]
Meet the BIG dog, a big black Rottweiler. Zac is a big rottie…He lives on our farm property. We don’t have problems with robbers…Zac could make “hamburg” out of them. I wouldn’t come prowling around [More]
Website Changed: Colorado Rottweiler Puppies for sale. Rottweiler Breeder. The Rottweiler breed’s history truly helps the interested and/or potential owner fully comprehend the beauty and grace behind this striking dog. Understanding how a breed [More]
Brutus the Rottweiler’s New Life
Rottweiler Vs Doberman “Duelo Germano” #Definiciones
An amusing video has emerged of a Rottweiler thoroughly licking a window to be let inside. The footage, shot earlier this month in Colorado Springs, CO,USA, shows the dog trying to bite the glass door. [More]

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