Rottweiler Dog Breed – Facts and Personality – Tamil Video இந்த வீடியோ rottweiler பண்புகளை பற்றி பேசுகிறது rottweiler breed,rottweiler puppy selection,Rottweiler,rottweilers,rottweiler puppy,tamil,top 10,biggest in the world,protective dogs,trained dogs,german shepherd dogs,rottweiler dogs,fighting dogs,crazy attack,rottweiler save man,amazing dogs,muscular,furious,top [More]
Meet the BIG dog, a big black Rottweiler. Zac is a big rottie…He lives on our farm property. We don’t have problems with robbers…Zac could make “hamburg” out of them. I wouldn’t come prowling around [More]
Comparing Rottweiler and Dogo Argentino.Avox rottweilers dog vs dogs FACTS.Size,Strength,Speed,Agility,endurance,bite force,heneral health,life span,with kids.
If your interested in a top quality German Rottweiler Puppy Contact us @ 949-241-5888
Tibetan Mastiff VS Gladiator Rottweiler! Lion Dog Vs Grizzly Bear
Великолепные собаки породы Ротвейлер в питомнике собак Фон Парадайс Тал. Одесса. Gorgeous dog breed Rottweiler dogs in the kennel Von Tal Paradise. Odessa.
Como muchas de las razas que conocemos el origen del Rottweiler está en el Imperio Romano. Los antiguos perros romanos del pastoreo eran unos animales con cualidades para la protección y el trabajo con cualquier [More]
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