18 Reasons Rottweilers are the absolute worst

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Note: This is a sarcastic Video
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Michalis Mavros says:

Why most of people they don't understand this video! I don't hate Rottweilers, i have 4 Rotties how is possible to hate Rottweilers.. Is the best dogs in the world for me..

Surya Kiran says:

The way u treat them and train them in that way only they use to behave. If they are like so then y most of the people used to have a pet as rottweiler

sampath kumar says:

Waste fellow

Yalamanchili Bittu Himanth says:

Rottweilers are the best 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Arun Kumar says:

I own a rot I hate this video

Yashila Shukla says:

All this is rubbish. I have an amazing rottweiler and he is not at all like that. Please stop putting all this nonsense. Rottweilers are very cute as puppies and dogs. They tend to be a little aggressive but there cuteness overcomes it.

bisi momoh says:

Keep shut I have a female who litter five and their lovely

Atharva Hole says:

rottweiler are awesome

Help make A difference says:

STFU rottweilers are the best and i disaggre whith you i have a rottweiler and i dont know what to say hes my life and if anything happend to him i would die

vishal verma says:

Very poor vedio

Fred Spina says:

They are sooooo bad I got two of them. I think my 2 cats are more ferocious then the dogs.

Sotiris Nianiouras says:

i have a rotie too and two parrots


This is a swear word to my dad

Chris LOPEZ says:

Number 1 all around -THE BEST…

Lil Blue Ice says:

What breed of rottweilers do you have?

Gokul PS says:

Rottweilers are the best

Demarcyo McGee says:

this is a bunch of bull shit it's the fucking owner. who is suppose to be responsible of the fucking dog.

true Jack 28 says:

Umm I have a rottweiler and I had a had one before and she was lovely it's how you bring them up

LPS Minnie says:

This is just a joke I was like nooooooo !

Rottie Lady says:

A wonderful video. I'm on my third now. His name is Panzer (tank in German). Don't worry some people will never get a joke even if it hit them over the head.

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