10 Funniest Rottweiler Videos

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Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free


Mac Arows says:

@1:59 She is touching his side-neck, in that way she is showing dominance and she is disturbing him. He shows that he is disturbed, but lady continues to provoke him while smiling. Am I right, or not?

Elchoaster says:


zhané says:

that kitten wasnt backing out for no one 😂

coyotepassing says:

2:54 You talkin to me? Are you talkin to ME?

Bennyboy1985 says:

Which one did I think was the funniest?

The one growling at it's reflection.

nikita nakeets says:

the eyes give the rottie away….lots of white and intense,,leave them alone..so much expression from a rottie…..miss my nikita so much

nikita nakeets says:

i miss my baby

not your wolf says:

5:33 poor cats scares how dare they do that

Harriet Harper-Williams says:

They're so sweeeeeeeeeeet but also kinda scary😊

Seahawks Fan 24 says:

I love Rotts and i have one named Chubbs and hes so fat

Hukam Singh says:

I love it I have also one rottwieler and she so sooooo cute like another😘😘😘😘

Osaverde Quixote says:

He does the doggie parkour too! That's from the rottweiler side then . 🙂

Osaverde Quixote says:

My dog is Rottweiler- Shar Pei mix who makes whale noises so we call him "Narwhal" I was wondering which side all the howling came from! Guess it's the Rottie 🙂

lee Howarth says:

you have probably noticed they are a very calm dog in any situation. The reason being they have no fear of anything

Tyrus Keith says:

6:05 if it sits on your ottoman like a human ignores you like a human and watches TV like a human then you know what it is…. It's a human

Tuubansoittaja says:

Rotweilers Über Alles 😀 I remember good old days… So Loving… Gone ages ago…

BATIM Nerd says:

My mom and i were looking through a shelters web page (Dogs of pegasus) and we came across this adorable and tiny female rottie! My mom sent them a mail saying that we are intrested (Due to what they said in her bio, she is perfect for me) and they said that she need meds, but it's cheap. We still said yes, however, we have a cat that is 10 years old…so we asked them to test her around cats, all we can do now is hope that she pass the kitty test.

firecomets says:

My Rottweiler Bruno is the silliest dog and honestly sweetest dog I’ve owned. He will back his butt up against your leg, wag his nub nub tail extremely fast, and will wait for you to scratch his butt just above his tail. If he has a toy in his mouth he’ll start making it squeak quickly. If he doesn’t, his teeth start to chatter. Not to mention he’s a giant doofus in general, but we all love him.

Lincoln Williams says:

I have a Rottweiler

Christina 456 says:

That kitten was not scared at ALL he looked at that dog like “ You feeling froggy bitch?!” LOL

lilly stule says:

people think Rottweilers are awful but tell them what their awesome like big babies they love to cuddle and lay on your lap they're so cute

lilly stule says:

Rottweiler comes in third verbing the meanest dog that is not true at all!!!!!!

lilly stule says:

we have a Rottweiler her name is Lula Mae and she's the cutest little thing she does not bite at all she is very very nice she is a grown up and she's the cutest little thing and she love is blame but when dogs start to bark on the TV she barks at them too

lilly stule says:

I like Robert the dog that thought he was a person and sat on the Ottoman and watch TV

RichardLifeMate ! says:

The first video is cruel you cunts

Da Dank Side says:

Number two sounds like the look at this dude guy

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